Brèves / 02.01.2021

Palmarès 2020 (part. 2)

Albums, révélations, chansons, rééditions… Voici ce qui a le plus marqué les membres de notre rédaction en 2020. Deuxième partie.

Ulrick Parfum

Kelly Finnigan / “A Joyful Sound” (Colemine)
Victor Wainwright & The Train / “Memphis Loud” (Ruf)
Johnny Iguana / “Chicago Spectular!” (Delmark)
Izo FitzRoy / “How The Mighty Fall” (Jalapeno)
Ron Thompson / “From The Patio – Live At Poor House Bistro Vol.1” (Little Village Foundation) 
Kirk Fletcher / “My Blues Pathway” (Cleopatra Blues)
Lloyd Jones / “Tennessee Run” (VizzTone)
The Haggis Horns / “Stand Up For Love” (Haggis)

Sonny Green
• King Solomon Hicks
• Tami Neilson
• Andrew Alli
• Victor Puertas

Titres marquants
Turn it up / Marcus King
Miss those days / The Soul Motivators
Tight pants / Johnny Nicholas

• “Dirty Work Going On – Kent & Modern Records – Blues into the 60s vol. 1” (Ace)
Bobby Charles / “Alligators, Sprockets & Bended Knees” (Jasmine)
Bobby Parker / “Soul Of The Blues” (Rhythm And Blues)
The Allman Brothers Band / “Trouble No More – 50th Anniversary Collection” (Mercury)
The Gospel Truth / “The Complete Singles Collection” (Craft)

Benoit Gautier

• Marcus King / “El Dorado” (Fantasy)
Tami Neilson / “CHICKABOOM!” (Outside Music) 
Swamp Dogg / “Sorry You Couldn’t Make It” (Joyful Noise) 
Victor Wainwright & The Train / “Memphis Loud” (Ruf) 
Peter CottonTale / “CATCH” (Autopublié) 
Don Bryant / “You Make Me Feel” (Fat Possum) 
79rs Gang / “Expect The Unexpected” (Sinking City) 
Fantastic Negrito / “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” (Cooking Vinyl)

79rs Gang 
• Marcus King 
• Peter CottonTale

Titres marquants
Living on mercy / Dan Penn 
Wildflowers & wine / Marcus King
•  You were mine / Tami Neilson

Scott H. Biram / “Sold Out To The Devil” (Bloodshot)
• “Dirty Work Going On – Kent & Modern Records – Blues into the 60’s Vol.1” (Ace) 
Bobby Charles / “Alligators, Sprockets & Bended Knees” (Jasmine) 
Ruth Brown / “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean” (Bear Family) 

Mahtieu Bellisario

PJ Morton / “The Piano Album” (Morton)
The Haggis Horns / “Stand Up For Love” (Haggis)
Gregory Porter / “All Rise” (Blue Note)
Oscar Jerome / “Breath Deep” (Caroline International)
Human Songs / “Instinct” (Komos)
Ben. / “Addicted To You” (Blue Note)
Free Nationals / “Free Nationals” (OBE)
Cissy Street / “La Tour du Pouvoir” (Z Production)

Titres marquants 
Mister Holland / Gregory Porter
Here we are / Human Songs
Suzi traffic / Haggis Horns
White Christmas / PJ Morton

Omar / “The Anthology” (Freestyle Records)
Prince / “Sign O The Times Super Deluxe” (Warner Bros)
Prince / “1999 Super Deluxe” (Warner Bros)
Boby Parker / “Soul of the Blues” (Rhythm & Blues)
Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds / “The Jazz Funk Collection” (Robinsongs)