Brèves / 09.01.2008

CRB Top 20

A l’heure des bilans annuels, voici la liste des 20 albums les plus diffusés en 2007 sur le réseau CRB (Collectif des Radios Blues) :

1- Nico Wayne TOUSSAINT “Southern wind blowin’” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
2- Mighty Mo RODGERS “Redneck blues” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
3- AWEK “Burnin’ Wire on South Lamar” (Mosaïc)(2007)
4- Paul PERSONNE “Il était une fois la route” (XIII Bis Records)(2007)
5- Tommy CASTRO “Painkiller” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
6- WATERMELON SLIM & THE WORKERS “The wheel man” (Northernblues/Socadisc)(2007)
7- Neal BLACK “Handful of rain” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
8- Jean-Jacques MILTEAU “Live, hot n’blue”(Universal)(2007)
9- Fred CHAPELLIER & FRIENDS “A tribute to Roy Buchanan”
(Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
10- Ex-aequo
Kevin MARK “Cuttin’ loose” (Blue Hog Production)(2007)
Koko TAYLOR “Old school” (Alligator Records/Nocturne)(2007)
12- Ex-aequo
Beverly “Guitar” WATKINS “Don’t mess with Miss Watkins”
(Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
DION “Son of Skip James” (SPV/Blue Label)(2007)
14- POPA CHUBBY “Deliveries after dark” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
Candye KANE “Guitar’d and feathered” (Ruf Records)(2007)
PURA FE’ “Hold the rain” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
17- Tad ROBINSON “A new point of view” (Severn Records)(2007)
18- Monster Mike WELCH “Just like it is” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2007)
19- Hubert Félix THIEFAINE & Paul PERSONNE “Amicalement blues” (Sony/BMG)(2007)
20- Omar Kent DYKES & Jimmie VAUGHAN “On the Jimmie Reed highway” (Ruf Records)(2007)